So, What Do You Think About Adoption?

My BFF, Michelle and her husband adopted a baby from Florida in November 2003. The baby’s birth mother was a kind, loving, beautiful, gentle soul who was truly a victim of circumstance. At 21, Tripp was the third child she had given birth to. She married young and had two children before Tripp was born. The stage was set for a life of struggle and poverty for her and her family.

In October 2005, Michelle received a phone call from Tripp’s birth mother.  She was pregnant and adding one more child to an already struggling family was more than they were prepared to deal with. Seven months into her pregnancy, she called Michelle to ask if she would be willing to adopt the baby (Tripp’s full sibling). Then, came the phone call to me from Michelle. When I answered the phone, Michelle was crying and asked if I was sitting down. Amidst the tears and sniffles from both of us, she shared the entire story. Then came the question, “What do you think about adoption?”

Because of the heartbreak involved with infertility, Scott and I tried to accept the fact that we would be a family of three. But, I still had not fully grasped the concept of not having more children and was having an extremely difficult time facing the truth. The birth mother wanted an answer from Michelle quickly before she decided to contact an adoption agency the next day. I had one small problem in discussing the whole ordeal with Scott…he was in Las Vegas.

Scott’s phone rang when he was standing in the casino of the Venetian. Over the sounds of slot machines, he could barely hear me. He knew the sobbing on the other end was either really bad or really good. What he heard on the other end stunned him. I ran through the whole story with as many details as I could remember. As you can imagine, the conversation didn’t go very smoothly. I could already envision myself being a mom again and Scott had made greater strides in moving forward than I had. So, over the phone from the lobby of a casino, we decided to take a gamble and made a decision that would change our lives in ways we never could have imagined. Jackpot!

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