In the Beginning…

On the first day of 2012, I find myself reflecting on 2011 like most of you probably are. I’m mostly thinking about all the love, strength, courage, perseverance that Scott, Jessie, Shane and I have shared with each other and that of friends and family. I’ve always considered our little family to be a strong one and the challenges we faced in 2011 put that to the test. Not only did we prevail, but a stronger unit has emerged. Personally, it brought a lot of tears…mostly happy ones but no shortage of sad ones, either.

In 2011, Jess entered her senior year of high school, got her first “real” boyfriend, was accepted to Western Carolina University where she will major in Pre-Med or Nursing and minor in Journalism this fall…all very difficult things to grasp considering she’s still the mischevious five year old punkin in my eyes. She is as beautiful a person you will ever meet inside and out. Her smile is adorable with the cutest pouty lips I’ve ever seen (which has served her well in her childhood). She amazes me everyday and I could not be more proud of her and all that she’s accomplished so far.

Most of those reading this blog are also friends on Facebook and have read posts and seen pictures about the shenanigans and adventures of our lives with Shane. Many have said that the posts and pictures on FB keep them laughing and said I should write a book (for their entertainment and ammunition for embarrassment in later years). Instead of a book, I’m taking the cheap and easy way out by starting a blog. I think I’ll call it “The Wild and Wonderful World of Our Boy, Shane.”

The blog calls for a bit of history before moving on to the adventures. The history of Shane and how he came into our lives is, in itself, extraordinary. I suppose it offered a slight glimpse of how life would be with him.

After ten years and as many failed attempts at conceiving, we threw in the towel and decided to move on with our little family of Jessie, Scott and I. Although we had made that final decision, I still felt like something was missing and knew it was not going to be an easy hurdle for me to clear. That was July 2005. Fast-forward to October 2005 when I received a phone call from my BFF, Michelle. Things were about to change.

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